5 Ways To Write Copy Underwater

Copywriting that’s underwater gives you a way to connect with the unconscious mind of your prospect.Fishing

Why does this matter? The unconscious mind is where a lot of selling takes place.

It’s how you deal with the fact that the actions we take are a complex stew that blends both rational and emotional flavors.

If your copy is 100% factual, your conversion rate will fall well short of its potential.

You’ll run into the same problem if your copywriting is too emotional, and doesn’t present enough facts, enough reasons why your prospect should take action.

Here’s how to strike a good balance. Read the copy you’ve written and ask 5 questions about it.

This technique works for for an email, your home page, a landing page, anyplace you want your visitor to do something.

  1. Does my copy address the reader’s fears head on, and try to melt these fears away?
  2. Does my copy let the reader know that previous failures are OK, and that this time it will be different?
  3. Does my copy ally me with the reader against a common enemy?
  4. Does my copy call out any suspicions or doubts the reader has?
  5. Does my copy acknowledge and encourage the reader’s dreams?

When these five things happen, you’re writing copy underwater, and submersing your message into the prospect’s unconscious mind.






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