7 Ways To Love Your Email List


Effective email marketing could use a good dose of romance.

Email marketers would be better off working on growing the engagement of their list than growing the size of their list.

Here are seven ways to fall in love with your list.

1. Give Your Subscriber A More Relevant Subject Line

The people on your list have problems. They may be immediate and pressing, they may be not so urgent and are temporarily set aside. But if you can strike a chord and convince the reader that you can help solve their problem, you are delivering blue chip, relevant content.

Don’t limit your definition of what a problem might be. A leaky faucet certainly qualifies, but so does anything from an investment decision to a real estate transaction.

Is now the time to invest in a bond fund? Has the residential real estate market really hit a plateau? Questions can be considered problems.

The absence of a decisive answer can be annoying. Information, valuable information that gives the person on your list the ability to make an informed decision and to solve this problem, will be valued. It will bolster your credibility. The emails you send in the future will arrive wrapped in value.

2. Write Email Content That Gets Clicks

Your goal is to get response. Your tactic is engagement. The process is making sure that the content is intriguing.

Give your subscriber content so irresistible that it will encourage a click.

The click could be for anything… to transact, to register, or to get more information.

(Surveys are great.)

3. Listen To The Rhythm Of Your Language

The rhythm of the language in your email should support your goal of moving the subscriber closer toward the click.   Write every sentence to set up the sentence that follows.

Salt the email content with specific and strong reasons why the subscriber should take action. Weave features, benefits, and beliefs together.

4. Never Confuse Persuasion With A Hard Sell

When you write an email, pull out every persuasive tool in your toolbox to encourage engagement and response. There are lots of them.

But these tools don’t always hammer, grind, and drill. Do not confuse persuasion with hard selling.

Copy that screams, sentences that sound shrill, phrases that strike the subscriber as bossy… this isn’t what persuasion is all about.

Persuasion in your email marketing moves in lockstep with the desires, the beliefs, and the identifications of the prospect. Persuasive content is written so that the progression of ideas and acceptances is natural, comfortable, and accepted.

 5. Give Your Readers More Opportunities To Engage

Want to increase your email content click through rate?

You can drive more subscribers to your landing page by using a simple tactic. In one study, this tactic increased CTR by 25%.

Simply add a second link.

That is the easy part. The challenge is how to position these links properly in the content of the email. This tactic can backfire if links are in the wrong place, and can make the subscriber feel pressured and uncomfortable.

The ultimate answer comes through testing. A commonsense first step… balance. And don’t be afraid to put a link close to the top of an email.

6. Email Engagement Grows When Offers Get Better

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of the offer you make in your email marketing.

Creating offers isn’t simple. That’s why there is so much time spent testing and analyzing results.

The most effective offer is free shipping. Free shipping offers even outperform percentage off offers where the buyer can save more by going with the percentage off.

But your email may not market a product that needs to be shipped.

So create some kind of an offer. Give your reader something specific, and something desirable, to respond to.

A time honored winner is “Buy one, get one free.”

As Claude Hopkins wrote about creating an offer in 1923…

The right offer should be so attractive that only a lunatic would say no.

What kind of an offer will the people on your list say yes to?

  •  The right price
  • Free trial
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Gift with inquiry
  • Gift with purchase
  • Time limits

 7. Target Your Offers

Target offers to subscribers based on preferences. Test, and measure them. Know the behaviors of email subscribers by tagging and tracking.

Use this data to help write your email marketing content, to make your offers connect on every possible level.

 Love Your List

Use these seven tactics. Think of the names on your list as real people with real problems and real desires. Try not to get so caught up in all the metrics that you lose sight of the humanity.

Email marketers who regularly use these seven tactics open up a whole new way to get closer to their list.

This is how you get into a conversation with your customer. It’s how you deepen the relationship. And it’s how you add value to your list, no matter how many names are on it.
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