The Copywriter Who Walks Away


Professional copywriters walk away, and you should too.

If you are trying to write copy, walk away from your business. Stop thinking like a marketer, and start thinking like your prospect.

Professional copywriters prize the payoffs of walking away from their projects.

We save the file, we stop thinking about the project, and we move on to something else.

Rough drafts inevitably grow richer. They absorb more revision polish after they’ve been ignored.

To achieve this shine, stay away from your drafts for at least a day. Don’t think about any of the particular problems they might be causing. If you were struggling with a headline when you set the draft aside, don’t fret about it.

Don’t rush your copywriting. Time away is not a luxury, but an essential part of the process. Time and distance are as important as research, a grasp of the desires of the prospect, or any other ingredient.

When you ignore your draft and return to it later, you’re in a much better position to achieve the four non-negotiable standards set by Leo Burnett…

Make it simple. Make it memorable.
Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.

Walk away, and you’ll be in a better position to write stronger copy.

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