Copywriting For Lukewarm Prospects


Marketing consultants tell entrepreneurs, “Go find people who want to do business with you.”

Great advice. It’s been regurgitated many times, many ways.

But what about all the people who might want to do business with you, but aren’t quite sure?

Ignore these people, and you turn your back on the majority of the market.

Find them, get them into your funnel, but fail to give them the two things they really need, and you’ll never convert them.

What these prospects need is information and encouragement.

And the key is they don’t just need this once. Prospects should be offered a carefully chosen diet of facts and feelings that leverages repetition to reinforce perceptions and beliefs.

Linda Henkel and Matt Henkel are with the Department of Psychology at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut. They have researched the effects of repetition…

Through automatic processes, repetition of information increases its familiarity and processing fluency, which thereby leads to an increase in the statement’s perceived credibility through adaptive learning mechanisms that associate processing fluency with truth.

This power of repetition means that it’s fine to market to somebody who’s just a little bit interested.

It’s where the copywriter works with a small spark of desire and turns this spark into a flame.

When you’re writing copy to convert this kind of a prospect…

  • You can’t take anything for granted.
  • You’re dealing with skepticism.
  • You’re asking the prospect to invest time in a relationship with you before you ask him to invest money in your product.

Every marketer has a choice.

Agonize over ways to attract nothing but the perfect prospect.


Accept reality. Take on the task of attracting, encouraging and informing lukewarm prospects.

Prospects who discover they really can benefit from doing business with you.






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