Copywriting Tips For People Who Hate To Write



If writing copy isn’t your idea of a good time, here are three ways you can turn something agonizing into something that might actually be fun.

Copywriting Tip #1

Start sooner. Give yourself time to go back and rewrite. Set your work aside, ignore it, maybe even forget about it, and then go back to it later.

When you write copy, the luxury of time turns out not to be a luxury, but a necessity. Walking away is an essential part of the process. When you go back to your copy, you’re not writing.

You’re rewriting. And for a lot of people, rewriting seems easier.

Because you’re not working on a completed project, you stop judging yourself. Your negative inner voice is silenced because you’re playing with a net. You’ve got another chance to get better. Stress goes away. Writing becomes easier.

The simple passage of time, even it’s only a day, ignites new ideas and fresh approaches when you return to your draft.

Copywriting Tip #2

Discipline yourself to start. Lots of professional copywriters set the smartphone timer for half an hour or so. They don’t take calls, they ignore the email, and work with intensity on nothing but writing until the timer goes off.

Once copywriters start, they don’t care if they’re writing trash or good stuff. That’s because they know that writing weak sentences leads to writing strong sentences. It’s a non-negotiable warm up.

You don’t really care what you’re writing, you’re just writing. Before you know it, you’re off and running, an idea slips into your mind, you run with it.

Then you go back and delete the weak stuff.

Copywriting Tip #3

When you rewrite, keep an eye out for weak verbs and replace them with strong ones. Verbs should sweat and groan. They are the workhorses. Verbs stir up your prospect and replace inertia with action.

Weak verbs like “have” and “get” don’t cut it. “Capture” and “claim” are stronger than “get.” Put every verb on trial.


Put every word on trial. You’ll have a tough time doing this when you don’t leave time to walk away and return later for the rewrite. You’ll be too close to identify what’s weak.

If you hate to write copy, strip away the pressure of time. Start sooner. Nothing else you can do will be as effective at turning something you despise into something you might actually start to enjoy.







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