Do You Make These Mistakes In Copywriting?


The headline for this article…

“Do You Make These Mistakes In Copywriting?”

It’s been shamelessly lifted from the headline for the Sherwin Cody School of English ad.

“Do You Make These Mistakes In English?”

Maxwell Sackheim wrote this direct response ad, and it worked so well than it ran for forty years.

If you don’t know about this ad, and the achievements of Maxwell Sackheim, that’s a mistake. Check him out. And this leads us to…

Copywriting Mistake #1:

Not going deep. Not studying the copywriting masters like Maxwell Sackheim.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that the battles for response fought in the pages of magazines and newspapers almost a century ago aren’t relevant to today’s landing pages, sales pages, and virtually every piece of marketing content.

Copywriting Mistake #2:

Juggling too much.

Each piece of content should only do one thing. You should only sell one thing at a time. Don’t give the prospect confusing choices. Ask for one response, and focus all of your efforts on creating this one response.

Copywriting Mistake #3:

Presenting too many rational facts and not enough emotion.

We do not buy for rational reasons. We do not make decisions rationally. We make them emotionally, and justify them rationally. Copywriters who don’t serve generous portions of emotion to the prospect will never make a strong case.

Copywriting Mistake #4:

Weak verbs.

Verbs jolt. They move prospects to take action. Pump your copy full of interesting, exciting verbs.

Why not let your prospect uncover, or unlock something? What can you unveil?

 Copywriting Mistake #5:

Handing the prospect a license to wander.

The copy you write should lead the prospect in a specific direction. But it can never be bossy, and it should always show respect. Don’t insist… intrigue.

Copywriting Mistake #6:

Not recognizing the prospect as a friend.

Weak copy keeps the prospect a stranger. The copy makes no effort to demonstrate understanding. Empathy is absent. There is so much attention paid to the product being marketed that the prospect is all but forgotten.

Copywriting Mistake #7:

No humanity. A real person is reading your copy. Somebody who dreams, who shudders with fears, who embraces aspirations, and struggles with doubts.

Which one of these mistakes do you make with your copywriting?

Which one will you fix first?







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